Serve In This Ministry:

Our youth ministry has opportunities for men and women to serve alongside our students in the roles of mentors and small group leaders. Members of our youth ministry team invest in building relationships with our students and their families to foster open communication as a platform for sharing real life experiences with the next generation of Christian leaders. All members of our Youth Ministry Team are background checked and have shown themselves to be known by others in the ministry of CRCC.

Small group leaders host groups of 3-6 students (we have separate guy groups and girl groups) in their homes and locations in the community to follow up and supplement what our Youth Ministry discusses during their weekly group meeting on Wednesdays. These leaders are resourced with discipleship material to discuss with their respective groups.

Mentors are involved primarily on Wednesday evenings during our Youth Group weekly meeting time and then follow up with 1 or 2 students in a particular mentor relationship during the week. These mentor relationships are a rewarding opportunity to pour into the life(lives) of these young disciples.

If you would like more information about our Youth Ministry and/or serving alongside those in this ministry, contact our Youth leaders here Josh Epstein